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April 26, 2013
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The Shadow by LexiKimble The Shadow by LexiKimble
A while back I did a remix of the Green Hornet for a contest over on Digital Webbing.

A recent comment suggested I try The Shadow.

Growing up an orphan, outside Paris, Alezae Marin lived by theft and the charity of tourists. One fateful day, she caught the eye of an elderly man. After watching the young girl relieve a tourist of a handful of francs, the old man, known only as Lamont, made her a deal. She would become his valet, he would teach her and support her. After entering Lamont's service, they traveled to the mountains of Tibet, where Alezae learned languages, sciences, martial arts, and the art of clouding men's minds. She was given free reign of the monastery, save one box. Days lead into months, those months into years, Alezae grew from a child to a young woman. One morning she went to awaken the man who'd become like a father to her, in his bed lay a letter and a key. The old man left the monastery to live his final days in the mountains, his letter explaining to the young woman the adventures of men and women with great abilities who protected the weak. It was now her choice, take the key and open the box, and take her place as a protector of those who could not protect themselves.

The choice was easily made.

Inside the box Alezae found two nickel plated .45's, a red scarf, and a new identity; Lisette Cranston. Passports, bank accounts, cars, an entire new life attached to this name. On the bottom of the box were etched words, words that etched themselves into her mind;

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.... The Shadow knows..."

With that, the young woman known as Alezae Marin vanished... In her place, billionaire heiress, Lissy Cranston.

And The Shadow.
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Juan8T88 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
very good version! visit my galery for view my Shadow cosplay
Skaramine Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fantastic update! 
ravenswolfe Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
Very nicely done, like the background story.
sullobog Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
2nd generation shadow
so cool
LexiKimble Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you :)
R-gonz Featured By Owner May 6, 2013
Nicely done!
LexiKimble Featured By Owner May 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you :)
LinkTC86 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013
One of my Favorite classic characters from the early days =) NIce Job =D
R-gonz Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013
Thank you very much!
kingfox66 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013
i like
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