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Pile on Mercy p1 by LexiKimble Pile on Mercy p1 by LexiKimble
Being depicted from Left to right ...:

Faith Kent Luthor in her Blue EarthAngel Supergirl Outfit
Joanna Kent Luthor in her mom's earlier Hotpants Outfit
Tara W. Kent, wearing the Mary Marvel outfit, eldest daughter of Clark (Superman) Kent & Willow (Black Mary Marvel) Rosenberg Kent
Marlena Kent Luthor wearing their mom's original outfit in honour and respect for their mom taking all five of them in as her daughters...
Buffy Kent Luthor in her White EarthAngel Supergirl Outfit...

After Tara W. Kent saw how her cousins among with her parents & Aunt Linda were getting clobbered by their Aunt Mercy..
Ex : Let's Get Physical : [link]

Ex : No Mercy pt3 : [link]

She gets an idea on how to defeat her Aunt Mercy ...
she talks with her Aunt Tara Kent (Powergirl) on how best to do it...
Tara also suggests what else to to that Willow Rosenberg (Mary Marvel) Kent doesn't believe should be done to Mercy but...,
Tara was able to convince both Willow and her niece Tara W. Kent will enjoy such a *tweak*

Young Tara W. Kent then visits her cousins at the Lex Luthor Mansion and convinces them on a combat bout with their Aunt Mercy that just...
just might work ... once ...

Tara W Kent's family scene comes from this event :
Extended Family : [link]

The four cloned sisters are shown here below for reference...

Art AE Kimble
kclcmdr Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2010
Excellent! Beautifully done!!
Thanks for the first one, Jaggyd....
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