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Future Imperfect by LexiKimble Future Imperfect by LexiKimble
Story Art for Chapter 7 [link]

'It's okay. I kinda fancy you too.'

With a choked gasp, Emma's bright blue eyes go wide as the foreign voice in her head sinks in. Looking up at the girl sanding in front of her, Emma's mouth and mind work, and nothing comes out of either. "And I just made you uncomfortable. I'm sorry. I just… I'm new with my telepathy and, well, you're kinda projecting. And I'll shut up now." Turning, Jean gathers her folded jumper from her bed along with a another towel and a basket of shower supplies before moving to the door. She comes to a stop in front of Emma, leaving the shorter blonde staring at the girl's feet instead of the floor as they stand in uncomfortable silence. "Look, I'm sorry if I violated your mindspace and I know I'm too forward at times. I just thought… yeah. If you want to slap me now and we can be enemies for the rest of school, that's cool. But I need to shower, and we're going to both be late to orientation, and I don't need Mister Howlett making me do laps again," the taller ginger explains. Looking up, Emma finds a pair of large green eyes staring at her with a mix of compassion and trepidation, her face showing a hint of the stress that Emma realizes she's accidentally broadcasting.

Fidgeting and shifting on her feet, Emma's small hands grip the skirt of her jumper. The young telepath frowns, as her inability to rationally think this out turns the silence more and more awkward. She only met Jean a little over a week ago, yet the cheerful freckled girl has made at home in Emma's thoughts: her face, her smile, her smell, how her warm soft hand felt in Emma's. Emma knows that romances are supposed to be complex give and take, there's no such thing as fairytale 'love at first sight'. Yet this girl makes her feel unsure. This girl, who won't get out of her head… and the young blonde isn't all that sure she wants her to. Looking up at those emerald eyes, Emma's heart pounds in her ears and she feels light-headed, 'Dammit Emma, you can do this, you can talk to her'. "Yes, I like you. I'm not sure why, because I'm quite sure I'm not supposed to like other girls."

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Tsuki222 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
This great pic perfectly ilustrates the cuteness of this situation.
LexiKimble Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks, just kinda wanted to do something adorable, instead of heavy like the other pieces.
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