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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 9:20 AM
If you’ve ever wanted to support my goal of being a self-employed artist but can’t afford to commission me, want to lock down a perpetual commission slot, or want to see your art from me in a whole new way? Check out my Patreon campaign! I’m particularly hopeful that someone (or someones) will shoot for the stars and grab the $100 tier slots, because I genuinely do enjoy making speedpaints of my work but it’s hard to find the motivation sometimes with how much I have going on in my life. Having on my to-do list that I would HAVE to do it once or more a month would actually be fun, rather than stressful.

Design foundation by Simmemann
Reimagining by JoeHundredaire and LexiKimble


Yamato Class Exercise by LexiKimble
Yamato Class Exercise

Not going to lie, I’ve been a sucker for “Military Moe” for a while, and Kantai Collection is no exception.

Here we have Musashi (left) being attended by her nee-chan, Yamato.

This will not be the last of anything KanColle related art from me.

Also, I made wallpapers and those will be free to all of my patrons, $1 and up as a thank you. (those of you who’re $3 and up will get them in your usual bundle)

If you’re interested in becoming a patron -

Art © Me
Kantai Collection © Kodakawa Games

Matriarch Luciana by LexiKimble
Matriarch Luciana

The last of the January busts I did for JoeHundredaire's Patreon people.

Straight off my bust of Calia, here's Matriarch Luciana of the Sylléktries. She's part of a dark, dirty secret of the asari that dates back to their discovery of the Citadel. Accordingly, she rarely appears in public - even among her own people - and generally covers her face and head when she does. I went through a few variations during the sketch stage that included four eyes as befitting her prothean heritage, but I just couldn't settle on a design that I liked. That and it raised a few biological questions on my end; if bionic eyes were ready tomorrow and someone stuck two of them to your face and wired them up, does that mean your brain would suddenly be capable of properly handling that much input? So... two eyes. Not sure what I'll do if Joe asks for a batarian/asari hybrid, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Oh, and yes, that is Miranda's catsuit. And yes, there is a reason she's wearing it.

Art © Me
Luciana © JoeHundredaire

If you want to be part of my Patreon -
The Forgotten Ones pg 10 by LexiKimble
The Forgotten Ones pg 10
From the storythead of author Xerxezz -- The Forgotten Ones ; The lost Fifth Fleet Caprican Centurions

As seen from the last episode…
The Forgotten Ones pg 09 by LexiKimble
The Forgotten pg 8 by LexiKimbleThe Forgotten p7 by LexiKimble
The Forgotten pt 3 by LexiKimbleThe Forgotten Ones - Prelude by LexiKimble
Caprican Centurions Fifth Fleet by LexiKimble

The Aurora Caprican Centurion Command Crew has gain additional Info Data from the Strikestar Skia on the status of the Colonies and by consensus, changed their designation from the Caprican Fifth Fleet to the Colonial Fifth Fleet under the Command Designation of the Battlestar Galactica as she was the first human command crew that the Aurora came into contact to receive new command orders...

From this particular chapter below…


“Take two vipers and have a closer look at our guest. Don’t start a furball.” It seemed Bill was tired of the waiting as well. 


“Three vipers are moving forwards.” The centurion at the tactical spoke.

“Nuclear signatures?” CINO asked, though he guessed it was a simple recon flight.

“No radiological signature detected.” The centurion answered.

“Then clear a path, and divert three Vipers to fly escort.” CINO said and turned his attention back to the data that had just been transmitted over the wireless. 

The Skia, one of the eight Sceiron-class firestars, and the smallest class of ships in Fifth Fleet, had jumped in from the current staging area of Fifth Fleet. It carried a priority one mission, detailing new information uncovered by one of the recon flights. 

One of the ships had been stationed deep in the system, tasked with observing and analyzing civilian broadcasts. 

It had found a critical piece of the puzzle after having reviewed a civilian documentary on the conflict known as the “Cylon war”, and the treaties that were signed during and shortly after the war. The most important among them was the Cimtar-accord, detailing the conditions of the cease fire that ended the war. CINO was of two minds on the Cimtar-treaty, on one hand signing it had ended a long, drawn out war which reduced human casualties compared to if the war had continued. On the other hand the rebelling Cylons were clearly faulty hardware, and needed to be scrapped to remove a serious threat. 

It filled in a lot of blank-spots, explaining a lot of what they had missed during the last fifty years.

The most important thing the documentary had uncovered had been the existence of the Articles of Colonisation, a treaty signed by the legal governments of all Twelve worlds. It detailed not only the unification of the Twelve Colonies, but the integration of all planetary military forces into one unified military. 

If the treaty was real, it meant that Fifth Fleet, an active Caprican unit, had automatically been transferred to the Colonial Fleet the moment the treaty was signed. 

Consensus among the command units in Fifth Fleet was that if the treaty was real, they were now part of the Colonial Fleet. Consensus had been reached to continue following Caprican military law and regulation until such a time that updated versions concerning the Colonial Fleet was available. 

The command units back at the staging area had ordered a high risk intel-gathering mission to confirm the validity of the Articles of Colonisation. 

A small team, deployed from a stealth craft had jumped in and hijacked a communications satellite above Caprica, hacking into the civilian and governmental network. Technically illegal, but there were loopholes available. It was clear that the Caprican Union no longer existed, and the satellite could then be considered belonging to a foreign power, which opened up a vast array of options. 

The team had extracted with the data without a problem, and following a review by the senior command units, consensus had been reached to consider the treaty valid. 

Due to the importance of the decision, the Skia had been jumped in to contact CINO, so he could either confirm or deny the decision. 

With the available data it had taken him more then a minute and half to come to a decision, an eternity for a Centurion. CINO had decided to confirm the validity of the treaty, and had added an update to change the designation of Fifth Fleet from Caprican Naval Forces to Colonial Fleet. 

Once the Skia had received the new orders, she had jumped away to relay the information to Fifth Fleet. 

The dradis changed, shifting the tags to identify the command vessels from the Aurora to the Galactica. There was a human command crew onboard. 

“Comm. Transmit status updates and reports from Fifth Fleet.” CINO said, and there was a shift among the centurions in CiC. Anticipation. 


“New contact has jumped away.” Gaeta said and the dradis changed to display the new information. 

--End Excerpt---

The new SitRep is made the Caprican Centurion CINO 162-01 to re-designate their TaskForce and accept all new command node info from the Battlestar Galactica........ now  ... they will have to inform....

Art © me
Cylons © NBC-Universal   
Commission - :iconkclcmdr:    
Rita's Upgrade by LexiKimble
Rita's Upgrade
Continuing to build on the universe established in the 'Xavier's Goes to NYCC' pieces - and expanded in a few other, Patreon/Tumblr-exclusive drawings - here's Rita DeMara as Yellowjacket. Perhaps Lady Yellowjacket would be a better name, or some other gendered title? After all, Eric O'Grady is Yellowjacket in this universe - as referenced by the message in her Snapchat - and this fits into a spot before Rita takes over for Janet as Wasp. Definitely something for me to ponder before I put her to work in further media, I think. And yes, I'm aware this violates the capabilities of Snapchat as it stands... but this is also a world where we have an entire clan full of people who can shrink and grow with a thought, and a goodly number of them possess wings. Work with me here.

Art © Me
Commission/Concept © Vi9
Earth-9734 © Me & JoeHundredaire

If you want to be part of my Patreon -
Agent Peggy Carter by LexiKimble
Agent Peggy Carter

Another bust for one of JoeHundredaire's  Patreon people.

With the runaway success of Agent Carter, it was only a matter of time before someone asked me to draw her and so here she is. Everything from her uniform colors to her lips and nails are sampled from color-balanced press photos of her appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger, helping capture some of what makes her so visually distinctive. And the quote... well, if you've seen The First Avenger then you should recognize it too.

Art © Me
Peggy Carter © Marvel Entertainment LLC
Cap's Shield © Marvel Entertainment LLC

If you want to be part of my Patreon -

I'm expanding the cast of the Xavier's Goes to NYCC series. We have one representative character and one racebending character. Would you rather see another: 

66 deviants said Representation (a woman of color portraying a colored hero, possibly a Rule 63)
47 deviants said Racebending (a woman of color portraying a Caucasian hero, possibly a Rule 63)


Alexis Kimble
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