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Thanks to everyone

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 5:19 PM
I know I don't say this enough, but thank you everyone. Your continued love and support has really helped.

Outstanding commissions;
1. :icontracyscopsxxx: - line work

Design foundation by Simmemann
Reimagining by JoeHundredaire and LexiKimble


Robert and Cersei by LexiKimble
Robert and Cersei
In A Fanfiction created by Author Gladiusone, the title of the Fanfic is called   ASOIAF: A Game of Kings and SI's 

The Self-inserted person in King Robert Baratheon's person has changed the path of the OTL and hopes to divert it enough to prevent what had occurred in the TV Series.

From an excerpt from the storythread in which he and his beloved Queen is now anointing a Royal Cohort to fight for the Royal Couple,…


As one, the First raised their fists into the air and cried out, "Warhammers! The First! Cold Steel!"

"In recognition of their efforts," I continued, signalling to one side, "I, Robert Baratheon, First of my name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, do officially declare that the First Cohort is hereby commissioned into the service of the Realm." A servant approached, carrying a long staff, tipped by a beautifully sculpted griffin, gilt blazing in the sun. Beneath the beast was a neat plaque that read, '1st Cohort'. Accepting the standard from the servant, I held it up for all to see. 

Cersei stood next to me, draped in silk and gold, her crown bejewled and stunningly intricate, her hair bound in a braid that lay artfully across her shoulder. "Let this standard guide you in battle," she intoned: there was nothing of the dismissive woman of the night before. If nothing else, my wife knew how to put on a good show. If anything, the slight curve of her pregnancy only added to her dignity and beauty. "Let the sight of it give you strength in dark times, and may it always bring you safely home." I lowered the standard, and together we held the staff, as though giving our royal blessing to it. Then I let go, nodding, and Cersei stepped forward, placing the standard into the waiting hands of Captain Boren, who bowed deeply in response, clutching the staff tightly.

"I, and my men, are deeply honoured, Your Grace, Your Grace," he bowed to each of us. Stepping back, he turned, and raised the staff as if in triumph. The cohort burst into cheers, and the Captain rejoined his unit.

Art © Me
Characters © George RR Martin
Commission - :iconkclcmdr:
Kim Possible AoS by LexiKimble
Kim Possible AoS

After watching Ant-Man, I kinda went back to my old Kim Possible: Agent of SHIELD idea.

I’m going to take my time on it, you’ll be seeing more of it in the future.

Art © Me
KP & SHIELD © Disney/Marvel

Patreon Commission - Trapped Susan

A commission for one of my $50 tier patrons.

Apparently Susan Bones was experimenting with some binding spells, and it seems to have backfired. ~_^

If you want to become part of my Patreon -

Art © Me
Susan Bones © JK Rowling

Nu52 Taylor by LexiKimble
Nu52 Taylor

As seen from the first one;…
Supergirltaylor by XeroKey

As seen from this follow up;… 
Super Taylor by LexiKimble 

And other variations of Taylor as Lady Thor 
Taylor Hebert by LexiKimble 

This is an excerpt from Author  Thurktun Flishithy storythread, The Last Daughter… 

In which Taylor finds the buried Kryptonian Rocketship and finds an AI version of her Biological Dad, Jor-El, showing her the item in question to allow her to protect her home, Earth 


What was I going to do? Let my homeworld remain gone? Or was I going to leave, and let this world suffer? A few minutes, then I took a deep breath. Straightening, I looked the hologram in the eyes. "I choose to help my home." 

"Follow me, then," the hologram said. 

We walked towards another section of the ship, one that held more storage containers. These were slimmer, however, and lined with something that even couldn't see through. With a gesture of his hand, the hologram opened one of them, revealing a bright blue uniform of sorts. The sigil to the House of El was on its chest, and I noted that it looked a lot like my old costume. I stepped closer, running a hand over a sleeve. It was smooth, smoother than silk. "What is it?" 

"A standard Kryptonian biosuit. It has a wide variety of functions, including protection for its wearer. They utilized an early form of nanotechnology that allowed them to fit their wearers perfectly, and they're virtually indestructible." He waved his hand again, and the suit was extended on a rack. "Put it on." 

I did as told, hurriedly stripping off my clothes and slipping into the suit. He was right; I felt as though I was wearing the finest silks available. I grabbed my cape and slid it over my shoulders, only for it to be secured in place by something on the suit. Faintly I could hear tiny pieces of machinery clicking together as the uniform adjusted further, allowing the cape to be fully secured about me. 

-End Excerpt- 

Art © Me
Taylor © Thurktun Flishithy
Commission - :iconkclcmdr:
Supergirls and Mr Ninja pg 52 by LexiKimble
Supergirls and Mr Ninja pg 52
As seen from the last episode…
Supergirls and Mr Ninja pg 51 by LexiKimble
Supergirls v Mr Ninja pg 49 by LexiKimble
Superdaughters and Mr Ninja by LexiKimbleFighting Daughters of Might by LexiKimble

Linda Danvers (Supergirl) Kent had finished tucking in her four quad daughters to slumber and is arriving to her old room and with the help of her younger sister, Clara Kent, 

A New Supergirl by LexiKimbleSisters in Law by LexiKimble

assisted Linda in re-assembling her old baby crib that their Mom and Dad had used for Linda and Clark and then used it for Clara when she was born years ago and is now in usage by little baby Lena..

Of course, since this is truly her first night finally at a place that is now consider home, the littlest new member of the Kent Clan is still wide awake eventhough the night and the moon has taken the place of the Sun but the noise from the animal life surrounding the Kent Farm is now keeping the little one awake..

Since Linda is aware of what her mom, Martha Kent, told her that the little one will probably react just like Linda did tho her sibling, Clark, just fell asleep once put into his own crib by their father, Jonathan Kent...

Linda takes her little one in her arms and brings her outside to check our her new surroundings..
Tho Lena Danvers Kent has her mom memories just like her four older siblings... this is all new to her young life and it excites her to no end...

Upon seeing her little one, as expected, hovering over her baby crib and sleeping outfit that was once hers and Clara & now Lena's..
Linda sees that Clara had graciously gave her old teddy bear that Linda had gave to her baby sister to let her hold unto something while sleeping instead of a red blanket to carry around the house...


Art © Me
Characters © DC Comics/WB
Commission - :iconkclcmdr:

I'm expanding the cast of the Xavier's Goes to NYCC series. We have one representative character and one racebending character. Would you rather see another: 

71 deviants said Representation (a woman of color portraying a colored hero, possibly a Rule 63)
49 deviants said Racebending (a woman of color portraying a Caucasian hero, possibly a Rule 63)


Alexis Kimble
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