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Thanks to everyone

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 5:19 PM
I know I don't say this enough, but thank you everyone. Your continued love and support has really helped.

Outstanding commissions;
1. :icontracyscopsxxx: - line work

Design foundation by Simmemann
Reimagining by JoeHundredaire and LexiKimble


Mighty Endowed (patreon) by LexiKimble
Mighty Endowed (patreon)
A May Patreon commission reward for :icontwinswordsayvuir: of the Young Justice villain, Mighty Endowed.

Art © Me
Mighty Endowed © DC Comics
Supergirls and Mr Ninja pg 51 by LexiKimble
Supergirls and Mr Ninja pg 51
As we had seen from the last episode…
Supergirls and Mr Ninja pg 50 by LexiKimble
Supergirls v Mr Ninja pg 49 by LexiKimble
Superdaughters and Mr Ninja by LexiKimbleFighting Daughters of Might by LexiKimble

Ms. Linda Danvers (Supergirl in Hotpants) Kent is checking up on the last of her four daughters whom had finally crashed from their hectic day this morning...
Linda sees that Marlena is still up and she goes towards her and see if she can comfort her in case she is still feeling angsty and not yet sleepy..

She is finally able to compose her last teenage daughter and Marlena is now finally crashing to sleep on her pillow..
Now Linda is exiting out of her daughter's double room bedrooms to check up on Lena , her little precious baby girl, in her own room where she and Clara was able to pull her old baby crib from the attic and place it in her room so that she would be able to attend to her young one in case she decided to wake up or was feeling needy or hungry.....

She ponders on life is sure complicating and yet pleasing to her now really REALLY hectic lifestyle... 
Five Daughters, four of them almost like her as a teenager, and one Baby, that probably will need lots of attention and time... 
which she will now spend wisely with them as best as she can....


Art © Me
Characters © DC Comics
Commission - :iconkclcmdr:
The Forgotten pg 14 by LexiKimble
The Forgotten pg 14
As seen from the last episode -…

The Forgotten Ones pg 13 by LexiKimble

The Forgotten Ones pg 12 by LexiKimble

The Forgotten Ones - Prelude by LexiKimble

Story Link Below…

The Galactica has jumped away from the Frak Up Sit-Rep between her and those unknown Caprican Centurions from the Caprican Fifth Fleet that was trying to initiate First Contact that went wrong.


“Prep FTL-jump, commence combat landings. Jump when ready.” It was the only order Bill could give, they had no ordinance, and only half of Galactica’s squadrons. Galactica hadn’t used her FTL-engines in more then twenty years, though they had gone through regular maintenance and checkups. At this point, with eight nuclear armed strikestars seemingly barring down upon them, it would have been the right choice even if the engines hadn’t undergone any maintenance. 



The vipers came in hard, and once they were back in the barn the flight pods began to retract. It was the longest minute and a half in Tigh’s life, sitting there and waiting for those strikestars to fire. A few concentrated salvo’s from those guns would smash Galactica apart, and there would be nothing they could do about it, just sit there and take it. 

There was a brief moment as his heart stopped, a feeling of weightlessness as the entirety of Galactica lurched upwards and ceased to be. His eye’s widened as he tried to suck down air, and he was completely unable to. Pure primal panic flowed through him and every muscle in his body tensed up. 

Gravity returned and he had to steady himself to avoid smashing into the deck. Reality flashed back into focus.

--End Excerpt--

Caprica Battle Stations has just caught an authorized FTL Jump over Caprica and has just gone into High Alert..

The Butterflies has just started to effect the Colonials..., maybe ironically for the better..


Art © Me
nBSG © NBC/Universal
Commission - kclcmdr
Patreon Commission - Miranda Lawson by LexiKimble
Patreon Commission - Miranda Lawson

A little Patreon commission I did last month. I love Miranda, she’s the best snarky, bitchy piece of genetic perfection.

Art © Me

Miranda Lawson © Bioware

If you want to be part of my Patreon -

Jeena [Before and After] by LexiKimble
Jeena [Before and After]
A recent commission for :iconriv3th3d: of their OC Jeena. After an accident in a cosmetics factory, she was transformed into the goo girl she is today.

I had a lot of fun with this, because slime/jelly/goo girls are fun and awesome monster girls to me.

Art © Me
Jeena © riv3th3d

I'm expanding the cast of the Xavier's Goes to NYCC series. We have one representative character and one racebending character. Would you rather see another: 

70 deviants said Representation (a woman of color portraying a colored hero, possibly a Rule 63)
48 deviants said Racebending (a woman of color portraying a Caucasian hero, possibly a Rule 63)


Alexis Kimble
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Current Age: 34, Current Residence: Ohio; where the men are men and the sheeple are scared, Favourite genre of music: Pretty much everything, Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams, some of the guys and girls here on DA, Favourite style of art: Anything unique, Operating System: Snow Leopard, MP3 player of choice: 16GB iPhone, Wallpaper of choice: The Baroness or Emma Frost, Skin of choice: Latex, Favourite cartoon character: The Baroness, Emma Frost, Illyana Rasputina, Personal Quote: "Quick... to the Wikimobile"




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