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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 9:20 AM
If you’ve ever wanted to support my goal of being a self-employed artist but can’t afford to commission me, want to lock down a perpetual commission slot, or want to see your art from me in a whole new way? Check out my Patreon campaign! I’m particularly hopeful that someone (or someones) will shoot for the stars and grab the $100 tier slots, because I genuinely do enjoy making speedpaints of my work but it’s hard to find the motivation sometimes with how much I have going on in my life. Having on my to-do list that I would HAVE to do it once or more a month would actually be fun, rather than stressful.

Design foundation by Simmemann
Reimagining by JoeHundredaire and LexiKimble


Agent Peggy Carter by LexiKimble
Agent Peggy Carter

Another bust for one of JoeHundredaire's  Patreon people.

With the runaway success of Agent Carter, it was only a matter of time before someone asked me to draw her and so here she is. Everything from her uniform colors to her lips and nails are sampled from color-balanced press photos of her appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger, helping capture some of what makes her so visually distinctive. And the quote... well, if you've seen The First Avenger then you should recognize it too.

Art © Me
Peggy Carter © Marvel Entertainment LLC
Cap's Shield © Marvel Entertainment LLC

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Welcome to the Dorms by LexiKimble
Welcome to the Dorms
So, yeah, I'm part of the Super Lab Mice thing, over on Tumblr.

My mouse, Macaroon on the right, is being greeted by Thin Mint into their dorm.

I've a feeling this will be the beginning of something beautiful.

Macaroon © Me
Thin Mint © :iconcitrusvision:

If you'd like to become a patron -
Yaan Calia by LexiKimble
Yaan Calia

A little something I did for one of JoeHundredaire's Patreon people.

She’s an asari of salarian parentage (which will only make sense if you know about the game Mass Effect). I’d always been of the mindset that asari would drift a little, physically. The daughters would take a bit from their non-asari parent. Yeah, I think too much. Joe’s actually gone and turned it into an entire subculture of the species in his story Ex Astris Gloria, though, and one of his patrons really likes the concept. So expect to see more of these popping up on my Tumblr in the coming days; Matriarch Luciana will be four-eyeing you all suspiciously by this Sunday at the latest, if everything goes according to plan.

Art © Me
Calia © JoeHundredaire

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The Forgotten Ones pg 09 by LexiKimble
The Forgotten Ones pg 09
From the storythead of author Xerxezz -- The Forgotten Ones ; The lost Fifth Fleet Caprican Centurions

As seen from the last episode --…
The Forgotten pg 8 by LexiKimble
The Forgotten p7 by LexiKimble
The Forgotten pt 3 by LexiKimbleThe Forgotten Ones - Prelude by LexiKimble
Caprican Centurions Fifth Fleet by LexiKimble

The Galactica's crew has just notice that an additional flight of Viper Fighters have left the unknown StrikeStars facing them and giving the command crew,
Bill and Tigh, a high level of concern and suspicion.

Lt. Gaeta reports an additional contact, a Firestar heading towards the unknown Strike Stars...

From this particular chapter below…


“-contact, on the edge of the dradis. Size is sub-capital, roughly firestar sized.” Gaeta warned as the dradis pinged. It was marked yellow. 

The dradis showed the new contact had appeared relatively close to the strikestars, and moving closer. Firestar sized meant the craft would be roughly the same size as one of Galactica’s flight-pods, no real threat to Galactica unless it carries nuclear ordinance, or tried to ram them. 

He turned his attention back to the strikestars, and the eighteen small contacts they had launched. Everything about them screamed viper, they way they accelerated, manoeuvred, even the formation they were in were the hallmark of the viper. 

The problem was that as far as he knew the Perseus-class didn’t carry any vipers, or small craft apart from shuttles. Those things on dradis sure as frak didn’t move as shuttles. 

He didn’t like the feeling crawling up his spine. 

Fraked IFF, vipers from ships that didn’t have them, and a fraking heavy strikestar squadron just sitting there quietly, waiting. A wireless connection had been established, but it hadn’t been used for anything besides broadcasting a false IFF.

Everything was just wrong.

And Saul Tigh knew wrong, he had married her. 

“Galactica Actual to Jolly.” Bill spoke over the wireless, his voice was tense.  

“Jolly here.” The CAG’s voice was slightly distorted from the hum of viper engines in the background. 

“Take two vipers and have a closer look at our guest. Don’t start a furball.” It seemed Bill was tired of the waiting as well. 

--End Excerpt---

The SitRep is heating up....

Art © Me
nBSG © NBC/Universal
Commission - kclcmdr
Nirvana by LexiKimble

So, this is Nirvana. She is the Systems Administrator for the Arno Principality. Basically, her job is to be the liaison between the Outer Colonies and the Core System Worlds. Kind of a mix between a diplomat and a high ranking office lady.

Not sure what her place will be, and how she'll interact with Candidate, Song and the other Hunters, since she was originally just to be a background character.

Personality-wise; on the outside, she's very much a spoiled princess. She tends to piss off those around her, but people have to deal with her, whether they like it or not. On the inside, she truly cares for her assistants, and the Principality and her citizens.

If you want to be a patron -


I'm expanding the cast of the Xavier's Goes to NYCC series. We have one representative character and one racebending character. Would you rather see another: 

66 deviants said Representation (a woman of color portraying a colored hero, possibly a Rule 63)
47 deviants said Racebending (a woman of color portraying a Caucasian hero, possibly a Rule 63)


Alexis Kimble
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Current Age: 34, Current Residence: Ohio; where the men are men and the sheeple are scared, Favourite genre of music: Pretty much everything, Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams, some of the guys and girls here on DA, Favourite style of art: Anything unique, Operating System: Snow Leopard, MP3 player of choice: 16GB iPhone, Wallpaper of choice: The Baroness or Emma Frost, Skin of choice: Latex, Favourite cartoon character: The Baroness, Emma Frost, Illyana Rasputina, Personal Quote: "Quick... to the Wikimobile"




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