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Thanks to everyone

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 5:19 PM
I know I don't say this enough, but thank you everyone. Your continued love and support has really helped.

Outstanding commissions;
1. :icontracyscopsxxx: - line work

Design foundation by Simmemann
Reimagining by JoeHundredaire and LexiKimble


Sisterly Bond by LexiKimble
Sisterly Bond
As seen from this last one,…

Step by Step by LexiKimble


Mature Content

Big Sister pt 2 by LexiKimble
Big Sister by LexiKimble

Hug-a-Bunch by LexiKimbleFamily Photos - The Kents by LexiKimble

Mrs. Lois Lane Kent had decided to take a slight break in nursing little Martha and had pump some of her breast milk and bottle it into a nursing bottle and gave it to Linda, their adopted elder daughter, so that Linda can enjoy the joy of bottle feeding her baby sister for the first time...

Linda, ecstatic, takes the responsibilities as the elder sister over her baby sister, Martha Kent..

Little Martha, not totally concern but happy nevertheless...

starts bottle feeding off their mom's breast milk and suckles contentdly while Linda holds her young siblings and snuggles close to her..

Mrs. Lois Lane Kent watches on and relaxes while she watches her daughters bond over a quiet afternoon day....   

Art © me
Commission - :iconkclcmdr:
Fire and Ice

So, this is this month's reward for my $100 tier regular. 

We have DC's Fire and Ice, in a "peril" situation that has lead them to being a bit intimate.

(I ever mention how much I love boob squish?)

Patrons will receive things like;

- High-Res

- Process Steps

- PSDs

- Process Videos

Join me -

The Forgotten pg 16 by LexiKimble
The Forgotten pg 16
As seen from the last one…
The Forgotten pg 15 by LexiKimble
The Forgotten Ones pg 13 by LexiKimbleThe Forgotten Ones pg 12 by LexiKimble
The Forgotten pt5 by LexiKimble
Caprican Centurions Fifth Fleet by LexiKimble

The flight deck crew of the Battlestar Galactica congregate over the now shot-up and deceased Caprican Centurion laying down on its side flight deck... they see the original battered cylon with wary eyes and ready hammers and wrenches eventhough it had ceased to function when its Viper was shot up and he was deactivated by the sudden impact upon that Colonial Viper's wing....



“Is it dead?” Cally asked, equal parts curiosity and disgust in her voice. Like a schoolboy faced with a dead squirrel she courageously prodded the deformed Centurion with her boots. 

“It was never alive to begin with. And yes, the toaster is most assuredly dead. The marines emptied a couple of mags into the thing before letting anyone near it.” Tyrol answered as he pushed his way past the throng of people to stand right in the middle of the group, one boot resting on the centurion’s chest, like triumphant hunter. 

“I know what you’re all wondering, and yes, it’s a Cylon, yes, its dead, and yes, we pulled the thing from a viper engine . More importantly, what I’m wondering is WHY THE FRAK you’re taking a FRAKING BREAK and not working on our GODS DAMN VIPERS!” Tyrol bellowed, making a waving gesture at the unattended, partially disassembled Mark-Sevens sitting along the flight-deck. 

Like a pack of rats escaping a sinking ship the group scurried away, heading back towards their respective Vipers. 

“Thought so.” Tyrol muttered .......

Thankfully he hadn’t been forced to send any of his people to help with hauling ordinance from the supply-tender Galactica had docked with, he really couldn’t spare the people. 

The Fleet had shifted into full “hurry the frak up!” mode.

“Get those Longbolt-missiles from my flighdeck, does it look like we have any fraking Mauraders here!?” 


Art © me
Characters © NBC/Universal
commission - :iconkclcmdr:
Ranma and Akane by LexiKimble
Ranma and Akane

So I've been doing warm up sketches of anime characters I grew up on. Some, like this one of Ranma and Akane will be finished.

I hope you guys like it.

Patrons will receive things like;

- High-Res

- Process Steps

- PSDs

- Process Videos

Join me at -

Wanda's Archons by LexiKimble
Wanda's Archons
In this Storythread called The Imperfect Warlord by Toma02 from the Erfworld saga...

Lord Toma02 was able to take advantage of his advance knowledge of what had happened to Parsons Gotti, the person whom was transported from Earth, Stupid World, to Erfworld to become the Perfect Warlord for Gobwin Knob and fight off the invaders out to destroy him and his side...

Lord Toma02 was able use his advance knowledge of what would have happened and not only defeat his side's foes but capture more of Charlie's Archons for his side..

Three of the Archons that were eliminated and then decrypted and re-animated to life by Wanda holding the ArkenPliers were Charlie's three Favorite Archons
Their names were / are Farrah, Kate and Jaclyn
Adding another thirty to forty more Archons... Toma02 is ahead of the game

This storythread comes from this arc link below..…

Only time will tell us whether Lord Toma02 can take further advantages in the next battle arc against Unaroyal or that the butterflies that his presense on Erfworld will radically change fate into new changes and chances for all the folks of Erfworld...

Art © Me
Erfworld © Xin Ye and Robert T. Balder
Commission - :iconkclcmdr:

I'm expanding the cast of the Xavier's Goes to NYCC series. We have one representative character and one racebending character. Would you rather see another: 

71 deviants said Representation (a woman of color portraying a colored hero, possibly a Rule 63)
49 deviants said Racebending (a woman of color portraying a Caucasian hero, possibly a Rule 63)


Alexis Kimble
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Current Age: 34, Current Residence: Ohio; where the men are men and the sheeple are scared, Favourite genre of music: Pretty much everything, Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams, some of the guys and girls here on DA, Favourite style of art: Anything unique, Operating System: Snow Leopard, MP3 player of choice: 16GB iPhone, Wallpaper of choice: The Baroness or Emma Frost, Skin of choice: Latex, Favourite cartoon character: The Baroness, Emma Frost, Illyana Rasputina, Personal Quote: "Quick... to the Wikimobile"




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thanks for the llama you make great artwork!
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hey, stumbled upon your patreon page, just wanna say i feel you, the catch-22 thing, you've put it so well in words, having ideas but no time to work on them..
wish you luck since i have nothing else to support you with myself.
and the aging pc, this is pretty sad, mine is dying too and i wanna cry because i draw on it mainly..
just curious, you are into sexually themed drawings(in some way besides HF stuff) because of money issues or it was your main interest in general\before getting BA in Arts?
thanks and good luck, you inspired me to try out patreon too.
2ndMercWithAMouth Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Student Filmographer
Hi Alexis :)
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Thanks so much for the llama! :iconyuiwahplz: Have an amazing day and God bless you! :iconyuihugplz:
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Thanks so much for the +Watch! :aww: Checking out your gallery now too.
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My pleasure, I'm totally loving your character designs and your artwork, it's very cute.
rachelillustrates Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Awww thanks so much again :aww: So glad you like them!
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